Gravel Age is coming

Whether you are an inveterate road racer or an extreme mountain biker, when you will ride a Gravel bike a worlds of never traveled before routes will open up for you.
The GRAVEL BIKE phenomenon in all its nuances are exploding and Crono are aware it.

This is why the GRAVEL line was born, to accompany you in the discovery of new ways with maximum efficiency and comfort.
Break the old patterns and the fun will be guaranteed.

Gravel lends itself to multiple interpretations and this is its real strength.
A new way of cicling free from inhibitions and dogmas.

You will have the ability to travel long distances at speeds similar to that of a racing bike, but with more versatility and safety.

You have to cycle on asphalt not thinking you are on a racing bike and cycle off-road not thinking you are on a MTB.
For us it is the ideal meeting place between the different disciplines on two wheels, capable of uniting different souls and giving you that little bit more…

It’s here, it’s time for GRAVEL AGE Crono!

Join us, join with Crono Community!

Developed by The Digital Clinic | Graphic contents by Rombo Rosso