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Crono CG1 perfect synthesis between performance and style. The shoe with laces that every gravelist must have in his wardrobe. Give space to your imagination with new colors for the laces.


“We want to make excellent products respecting human values,
of our environment and our customers “


News about the CRONO world and the Community.

BOA® tecnology system

BOA: a winning closure system recognized worldwide; CRONO is among those selected companies that can take advantage of the BOA® closure system for its footwear.

CRONO marry energy GREEN

Crono and Sabena embrace the values of GREEN energy “We want to make great products respecting human values, our environment and our customers.” The design,

The story behind the Lion of the Crono shoes

The bronze winged lion sculpture in the Piazza San Marco of Venice arrived in the 12th century and became the symbol of our region when Veneto was annexed to Italy in 1866. It represents the Lion of Saint Mark, the traditional symbol of Saint Mark, the evangelist.